Subject: New Jobs, New Beginnings, New Farmer's Market
May 2013

It is the mission of Community Action Duluth to use innovative strategies that mobilize low-income people and the broader community to build assets that prevent poverty, create equality, and strengthen our social fabric.

Dear Friend,

After our first office move in over twelve years, we're settled into our new space in the former Lincoln Park Elementary School (2424 W 5th St., Ste 102). We love the views of Miller Creek, and we've already found ways to collaborate with our new neighbors, including the Boys and Girls Club and the Lincoln Park Children and Family Collaborative. For example, all three current garden crew members of Seeds of Success have kids who participate in after-school programming at the Boys and Girls Club. This means they can finish work and pick up their kids in the same building! Stay tuned for details on an open house.

Angie Miller
Executive Director

Lincoln Park Farmer's Market

On June 20th, the Seeds of Success urban farming program will launch a new Thursday afternoon Lincoln Park Farmer's Market. We'll set up shop outside the Harrison Community Center, (3002 W 3rd St.) and sell our own produce alongside other growers from the 15-county Superior Grown region. The market will be open from 3-6 PM Thursdays through mid-October. Market customers can pay in cash or use SNAP benefits, and we'll match up to $5 of SNAP benefits per week per customer. This means you can get $10 worth of produce from any vendor at the market for just $5 off your EBT card. The market is on the main bus line and has plenty of free parking.

You don't have to be a big farmer to sell at the market; we rent vending space on a week-by-week basis for $7/week to everyone from backyard gardeners to new market growers. If you're looking for a place to sell, take advantage of our low stall fees, convenient unloading area, and free parking.

For more information, check out the Lincoln Park Farmer's Market online or contact market manager Sarah Lee 218-726-1665 x34.

Common Cents + FAIM = Home 

Kourtney Maxim and her husband Galen just bought a house with the help of our FAIM program. Kourtney was kind enough to share the story of how she used two CAD programs to move forward into homeownership:

"Three years ago I was financially clueless. I spent carelessly, charged too much stuff to my credit card and had very little in my savings account. I wanted to buy a house but I had no idea where to start or what to do.

"Luckily, I was put in touch with Community Action Duluth and enrolled in the FAIM program. They took the time to help me realize what I needed to do to make home ownership a reality. A few months later I took the home buyers' education class and learned about budgeting, emergency savings, retirement accounts and so much more. I made a weekly budget and stuck to it, all while putting extra money towards paying off my debt.

"I'm proud to say that in the two years I've been enrolled in the FAIM program, I've paid off a student loan, a car loan, my credit card and on April 26th I officially became a homeowner - just days after our daughter was born!

None of this would have been possible without Community Action's help and guidance. Because of their work, my kids have a backyard to play in, bedrooms to sleep in and a place to grow up and call home - a new beginning."

Two new jobs at CAD

Do you like to reach out and make connections? Are you passionate about building the bridges that help people get out of poverty? If so, we've got the jobs for you! We're hiring for two positions: Benefits Outreach Specialist and Employment Opportunities Specialist.

The Benefits Outreach Specialist position will work to help improve the rate at which low-income people participate in federal food support benefits (SNAP) and federal, state, and local subsidized health care and health insurance programs. They will do this by educating the public about these programs and working one-on-one with prospective applicants to determine if they are eligible and guide them through the application process. The position is full-time at 32 hours/week and includes benefits.

The Employment Opportunities Specialist is an Americorps VISTA position that will focus on creating opportunities for employment through outreach to local employers and through the development of curriculum and resource information for CAD employment coaching staff. The position includes a living stipend and many additional benefits such as a relocation, childcare, education and/or cash stipend. The position is 40 hours/week.

Both positions close on Friday May 17; full descriptions can be found on our Job Openings page.

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May 15th, 5:30pm OPeration GENeration

May 21st, 1:00pm Agency Orientation
May 22nd, 5:30pm Agency Orientation
May 22nd, 5:30pm OPeration GENeration
May 22nd, 6:00pm Interview Success

May 29th, 5:30pm OPeration GENeration

May 30th, 5:30pm Big View

June 1st, 9:00am Seeds of Success Volunteer Day
June 4th, 6:00pm New Common Cents Session Starts
June 5th, 5:30pm OPeration GENeration
June 19th, 5:30pm Don't Get Run Over with a Bad Car Loan!