Jewel Mirror Sesshin 2017

Thursday August 10, 2017 4:00 PM to Thursday August 17, 2017 12:00 PM

Description A sesshin (a formal meditation retreat) offers the opportunity to dive deeply into the practice of zazen. For both beginning and experienced practitioners, a sesshin can be challenging, both psychologically and physically.  Because the somewhat rigorous schedule is designed to push us towards our perceived limits and the experience of new possibilities, all attendees are encouraged to participate fully in the entire schedule.

As exacting as retreats may seem to be, they allow us to become aware of our deeply ingrained thought patterns and processes.  Maintaining silence, except for dharma talks and personal interviews, is a vital retreat practice.  Even though there is very little talking during retreats, we emerge with a deep sense of intimate connection with our fellow practitioners.

Typical Hokyoji retreat schedule
Suggested contribution: members: $45/night; non-members: $55/night. If camping, members $30/night; non-members $40/night.
This is a non-tax-deductible event.

5:30 am Wake up
6:00 am Zazen (sitting meditation)
6:35 am Kinhin (walking meditation)
6:45 am Zazen
7:20 am Service
7:45 am Breakfast using oryoki
Clean up

Individual Practice

9:00 am Zazen
9:35 am Kinhin
9:45 am Zazen or dharma talk
10:40 am break
11:10 am Zazen
11:45 am Service
12:05 pm Lunch using oryoki
Clean up

Individual Practice

2:00 pm Communal work practice
3:30 pm End work
4:15 pm Zazen
4:50 pm Kinhin
5:00 pm Zazen
5:35 pm Service

6:00 pm Supper using oryoki

7:30 pm Zazen
8:05 pm Kinhin
8:15 pm Zazen
8:50 pm End of day
Ticket Information
Member Per Night
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Non-member Per Night
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Member Camping Per Night
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Non-member Camping Per Night
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Register Without Payment
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Payment Options
Thu, 10 Aug 2017 4:00 PM to
Thu, 17 Aug 2017 12:00 PM
Central Standard Time
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