Let’s Learn from Our Friends, The Trees!

This month, we have been practicing tolerance, a virtue that our friends, the trees, exemplify the best. They tolerate heat, cold, and rain, and give us wood, shade, and fruits… all that without complaining! At Plenitud, we aspire to imitate this tolerance, especially while we continue our service on the farm under this searing summer heat. It has been very inspiring to share this spirit of tolerance with the yoga trainees, volunteers, and local students that visited us this month, who remained positive and kept on going despite this challenging weather.

Volunteer Aura harvesting the abundance of corn.

We invite you to join us in the goal of replacing the negative thoughts or feelings that our mind sometimes proclaims with positive thoughts that are full of gratitude. Thank you God for the heat that turns the mango flower in a juicy fruit that hydrates us to continue serving!

Sunflowers in the garden feeding the bees.


Agroecological Workshop Series Starts Off Successfully

We are co-creating the community of present and future farmers of our region. Thirty people of various ages and backgrounds have been coming together to learn more about permaculture and agroecology at our farm. Permaculture design, water harvesting, soil conservation and crop management are some of the topics that we already have been covering in the weekly workshops. Thanks to Siembra Boricua, Proyecto Agroecológico El Josco Bravo and to guest instructor Mariel for her collaboration. Let’s boost the new generation of Puerto Rican farmers!

Your donation will help Plenitud to offer more workshops of this kind in the future. If you are interested in sponsoring a workshop, visit our webpage and donate today.

Rebekah Sánchez, Plenitud PR instructor, offers a workshop at the farm.


One More Step Towards the Farm's New Pond!

We are in the process of designing and preparing a storage pond that will capture water, promote biodiversity, serve as a recreational area, raise fish, and demonstrate this Permaculture practice. From January to March, with the help of many volunteers, we cleared the area for the pond and harvested lots of biomass for firewood & wood chips. Finally, in June, with the support of the NRCS, we did a soil test in order to identify if the soil is clay-rich enough to retain the water. Stay tuned, we will let you know the results!

NRCS team members do a soil test on the farm.


Our Rainwater Harvesting Project is Highlighted in the Press

Check out this article and video about a current resiliency outreach project! It is from the June 16th issue of El Nuevo Día, one of the main newspapers in Puerto Rico. Thank you to the reporters Gerardo Alvarado León and Jorge Ramírez Portela for bringing attention to this important project. We are excited that so many people are learning about the benefits of rainwater harvesting and calling us to help them install a system at their house or community center. There is clearly a great demand for educational services in these sustainable technologies. Stay tuned for our upcoming video about installing your own household rainwater system!


Congrats Graduate!

Daimer Castro Vega, who is part of Plenitud's farming team, recently graduated from the UPR-Mayagüez with a Bachelor's degree in General Agriculture. He was decorated with the highest honor of the Department: the Antonio González Chapel Award, which is given to the best student of the department. Daimer, born and raised in Colombia, is the first in his family to graduate from university. His enthusiasm and gratitude for this opportunity has been very moving for the rest of the staff. Daimer is now celebrating this accomplishment with his family in his native Colombia! He has taught us to value all the blessings that we receive daily, such as education, family, and the fruits of the Earth, which are a privilege for many people around the world.

We had a surprise party with Daimer and his family at his graduation. Thanks to Archie for being the host.


CUAtes in the farm!

The beautiful group from the Camp for Sustainable and Supportive Organization, from the Center for Access to the University (CUA, by its acronym in Spanish), visited our farm this month. The CUAtes learned about agroecological farming, harvested sweet potatoes, participated in art and nature activities, and even practiced Tae Kwon Do! At the end of their visit, we all shared a delicious farm-to-table lunch. Thanks for the visit, CUAtes! We hope Plenitud continues to be a place of sustainability and love for you all.

CAMPOSs participants and their leaders learned and had fun on the farm.


Sadhana Healing Arts Yoga School celebrates its graduation with Plenitud

Over 25 yogis from all around Puerto Rico camped and practiced Jivamukti and Dharma Yoga at Plenitud for 3 days to celebrate the end of their yoga teacher training course. It was a pleasure to meet this group of Puerto Ricans interested in becoming better human beings and developing control over their senses while educating themselves to be yoga teachers in their respective hometowns.

The farm provided inspiration and energy during yoga lessons.


Thanks to the Food Sovereignty Agroturism Group for Their Visit!

We hosted a group of 10 conscious travelers, organized by the company ExplorEquity, who enjoyed an immersive experience of sustainable tourism with Plenitud PR. The group helped to harvest and process jackfruit, planted seeds in the garden, and contributed to the economy of Las Marías.

Remi Oguntoye, from ExplorEquity, holds a jackfruit in his hands.


Quote of the month:

“The nonpermanent appearance of happiness and distress, and their dissappearance in due course, are like the appearance and dissappearance of winter and summer seasons. They arise from sense of perception, and one must learn to tolerate them without being disturbed” - Bhagavad-Gita As It Is 2.14

Inspiring Song

Marcela Gándara: Supe que me amabas


Thank you to all the awesome visitors/volunteers/donors from this month: Aura, Nadav, Duncan, Doris, Amanda, Jesaelis, Edwin (Student of the UPRM), Valerie (Juvempleo), Jaya Sita, Melissa, Enrique, and Ileana.


A thousand thanks for all your support and love. Please continue to tell your family and friends about Plenitud PR and the work we are doing to build a better Puerto Rico and create a more sustainable future for our children.


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