Let’s keep being a part of the solution!

We had the opportunity to learn more from scholars this month about the loss of biodiversity and climate change. Did you know that, according to the WWF, in the last 50 years we have lost nearly 60% of our planet’s biodiversity while doubling the size of the human species? Our vast and growing consumption of food and resources is destroying the web of life, billions of years in the making, upon which human society depends for clean air, clean water, and everything else. Becoming aware of the facts has led us to think deeply on how we can clean up our act and better care for the generations to come. We invite you to reflect and join us in being part of the solution by applying this knowledge, caring more for others in your daily lives, and enjoying a plant-based diet (livestock production consumes a lot of water and is a major driver of climate change). Let's inspire each other to be the change we want see right now and not wait until it's too late. Let's do it! What is stopping us from evolving and being better??

Illustration done by Alejandra M. González Pesquera which shows the agroecological vs the traditional farming and its effect on the watershed ecosystem.


Service Learning Program 2020

After a successful Service Learning season this year, our calendar is already getting filled up with groups coming next year. If you are interested in bringing a service learning group to Plenitud next year, please contact gina@plenitudpr.org. Help us increase our impact by reaching out to other schools, universities or other groups that might be interested. Check out the gina@plenitudpr.org. Help us increase our impact by reaching out to other schools, universities or other groups that might be interested. Check out the video students from Loyola Marymount University made from their experience at Plenitud PR this year.


Getting Ready for the Summer Training for Farmers

Registration is full for our intensive workshop series, offered with our partner organization Siembra Boricua, to train future farmers in agroecology & permaculture. We have 30 souls ready to learn new skills, practice growing food in harmony with nature, and in the process do service at other farms in our region to support their projects. This program is being offered at a very low cost to make it super accessible. If you would like to sponsor a series of workshops like this, check out our sustaining donations option--you can subscribe to give a certain amount each month and help maintain programs like this one that make a real difference in people's life.

One of our farm mothers, Magalis, preparing a garden terrace with "el trinche" to plant yams or ñames.


Rainwater Harvesting Workshop at Our Partner School in Añasco was a Big Success!

Wow, this was such an inspiring experience! We had 93 community participants of all ages that showed up to learn how to be more sustainable and value the crucial resource of water. We are very grateful to Yamaira, the social worker of the Luis Muñoz Marín High School, the Agro-Pintura student garden & arts club, the Fundación Comunitaria de Puerto Rico for the funding, Natalia Sanchez for the beautiful art, and for all the participants that showed that Boricuas do care for their island and natural resources. Check out this media coverage here!

Here at the school in Añasco, workshop participants are learning about rainwater harvesting. Checkout Natalia's beautiful mural done with the students.


Service Learning with Colgate University!

We had the pleasure to learn and serve with a diverse and awesome group of 12 participants from Colgate University. We made plenty of garden beds in the terraces at Plenitud, helped our neighbors, danced together, and feasted! Thank you Colgate for such a heart touching experience.

Students of Colgate University in front of the mural called CUCUBANACIÓN by the artist Yasmín Hernández.


Quote of the month:

Source: Radhanath Swami - Quotes: From Radhanath Swami's spiritual teachings

Inspirational video

Please check out this inspiring video, of a brother that uses his “job” to humbly serve and lift up this group of children. It will touch your heart.

Source: CBS News


Thank you to all the awesome visitors/volunteers from this month: Aida, Tito, Ismael & Pablo, Jessica, Adolfo, Frances, Omar, Victor, Yeidy, Michelle, José, Joriel, Janet, Brennan, Katja, Patrich, Javier, Yasmín and donors such as Norbert "Tito" Valentín, Carlin Grief and Natasha Naugle.


A thousand thanks for all your support and love. Please continue to tell your family and friends about Plenitud PR and the work we are doing to build a better Puerto Rico and create a more sustainable future for our children.


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