Thank you for this March Gladness!

March is a marathon of service for Plenitud, and the idea of living each moment to its fullest with an attitude of gratitude is our saving grace. You will be inspired to hear about all of the service accomplished this month with the many minds and hearts that joined us -- it’s together or not at all.

The little ones from our community giving thanks to Mother Earth before harvesting part of our lunch.

Please check out our wish list with and sponsor a donation. We impacted over 200 people this month alone, and we could use your help with supplies!

Bringing Rainwater Harvesting to our Community

The Plenitud rainwater squad installed 8 rainwater cisterns in our community of elders around Plenitud. Now when we drive by, they share that they are watching the rain and keeping track of how long it takes to fill up the tank. Simple things can keep you more in tune with nature! We encourage you to look into rainwater harvesting systems: they can be inexpensive and super practical, and every home should have one. Even one of our partner schools in Añasco is getting hooked up with one to supply the garden and serve the community. Cheers to the Puerto Rico Community Foundation that helped sponsor this much-needed project!

More families now benefit from rainwater harvesting systems installed in their homes.


Planting Seeds of Caring for the Earth in Children’s Hearts

During March we hosted over a hundred children from local school communities in need of love. We shared experiences like dance & theater, visual arts with tumeric crayons and leaves, mixing soil and growing foods, and sharing fresh meals they helped to prepare. These loving exchanges really inspire us to keep going!

We are greatful for the chance to share planting, arts, healthy cooking, and love with all the kids!


55 College Students had a Plenitud Service Learning Experience

We had the blessing to share our community with groups of students from Northeastern University, Loyola Marymount University, Indiana University, Eckerd College and University of San Diego-Roosevelt College. They received training in sustainability skills and helped us serve our community partners, and now they are ready to spread their skills back home. For one week with each group we got to share our lifestyle of simple living and tried to elevate our thoughts together to care for each other. A big shout out to all of the participants, we had a blast serving together with all of you!

Thanks to Northeastern, LMU, Indiana, Eckerd, and UCSD for living the Plenitud Experience!


The Organoponico Manual is Ready for Publication

Our team has been working on this publication about applying agroecology and permaculture for a few years now, and it has been inspiring to see how many farmers, professors, researchers, and collaborators like Puerto Rico Sea Grant (PRSG), have come together to get it done. Stay tuned next month for how to get your hands on a copy.

Cyndi, an artist at PSRG, works on the layout for the manual.


Quote of the Month

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Inspirational Jam

We received little ones from our community school with this Jam really loud, and they immediately joined the circle and joined us in the dance! Click on the image for music!

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Thank You Mumy, Jeyma and friends from Finca Pajuil, Consumo, Añasco (Proyecto Agro-Pintura), & Maricao Schools, Ana Cristina, Aura, Aura & Archie, Lucy, Sean, Yeye (our local baker from Panadería y Repostería Ebenezer), Tara, Triple S, Zapatero Films, Departamento de la Comida y Efra Figueroa for the loving support this month!


A thousand thanks for all your support and love. Please continue to tell your family and friends about Plenitud PR and the work we are doing to build a better Puerto Rico and create a more sustainable future for our children.


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