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Dec 28-31 - Winter Break Camp

Jan 18 - Winter Acting Classes Begin

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Winter Break Camp

Immerse yourself in wizards, magic, wand tricks, acting, improvisation, scene development, acting in film and lots of fun.

Camp runs from 9 am to 4 pm Mon-Thurs December 28-31.

For kids age 7-14. Pack a lunch and join us for a great time.

Cost of camp is $195
Second child (sibling discount) $175

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It's EVCT's End Of Year Pledge time!

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East Valley Children's Theatre is place where kids can be themselves, even in the midst of a pandemic. EVCT has reimagined itself in the era of uncertainty and virtual theatre and it is still the welcoming place it has always been. There is no place like EVCT.

The programs at EVCT foster creativity and self-confidence, teach communications and team skills and build lifelong friendships.

We hope you will support EVCT so we can continue to bring children a life long love of the arts.

Your contribution will go directly to the development of quality educational programs for the children of the East Valley. Since we are an all volunteer organization, no donations will go to salaries or administrative cost.

Please consider a small donation. EVCT donors are also eligible for a dollar for dollar refund on your Federal tax return up to $300 for 2020 tax year. This provision was added to the COVID-19 Stimulus Package enacted in the spring.

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Winter Acting Classes
Begins Jan 18

Students learn proper breathing and vocal techniques for articulation, projection, and voice variation. Children explore movement and space and learn how to use them effectively when telling a story. Students will explore the principles of blocking and understand how to stage a scene to effectively reach an audience. Kids enrolled in musical theatre will learn how to act while singing and dancing. Children’s acting classes help students learn and practice audition techniques.

Winter Acting Classes Begin January 18th

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EVCT 2020-2021 Season

EVCT has adapted to virtual performances. This continues for the 2020-2021 season. Starting in April, we are scheduled to bring performances back to the Mesa Arts Center in the Nesbitt/Elliott Playhouse. Until then, Stay Safe and join EVCT for Virtual Performances.

We are so looking forward to live performances and seeing everyone at "the MAC".

The Clumsy Princess
By JS Puller & Joel Esher
Winner of EVCT’s Playwriting Contest

April 8 – 18, 2021

Currently scheduled at the Mesa Arts Center

Marion and the Merry Men, a new legend of Robin Hood
By C. Lynn Johnson

June 17-27, 2021

Currently Scheduled at the Mesa Arts Center

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New Universal Tax Break for Charitable Donations

Thanks to the New Universal Tax Break for Charitable Donations included in the federal COVID-19 Stimulus Package, EVCT donors can receive an additional federal tax deduction on top of the standard deduction for 2020!

The new stimulus bill contains a one-time, above-the-line deduction for cash contributions of up to $300 made to 501(c)(3) nonprofits. All taxpayers are eligible to take the deduction, even people who use the standard deduction. The incentive applies to contributions made in 2020 and that are claimed on tax forms next year.

For those who itemize their deductions, the bill suspends for 2020 the normal limit on deductions for contributions, ordinarily 50 percent of adjusted gross income (AGI) or 60 percent for cash. For corporations, the limit on deductions for contributions, ordinarily 10 percent of AGI, is elevated to 25 percent for 2020.

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