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Purchase a copy of Shoulders to Stand On the new documentary film from the Gay Alliance that all of Rochester is talking about.

Standard DVD $25 --- BluRay DVD $30

The above prices include NY sales tax.

The Gay Alliance invites you to celebrate 40 years of LGBT history in Rochester by owning your own copy of this new film. The film's premiere and its screening at ImageOUT both sold out, and started everyone talking,

Learn the history of the LGBT Community in Rochester from the people who made that history.

Executive Producer Evelyn Bailey and Director Kevin Indovino have produced a documentary that "entertains as it enlightens" viewers about Rochester's rich LGBT history - a story that has not been told in other media.

If you want the item shipped to an address(es) other the billing address, you can add the shipping information in the Comment Box on the order form. Or you can forward correct shipping information by email to DVD@gayalliance.org.

Order your copy today. They also make great gifts!